Lake Geneva Wedding on a Boat!



Courtney and Anthony’s Story:

At the beginning of our relationship, we decided our life goal together would be to visit all 50 states in the US. We’ve been to about 7 so far. In July 2017, we went on our Kentucky and Tennessee trip. Kentucky has this forest preserve area called Fairmont Falls. In order to help preserve the area, they only allow a couple groups to enter the area each day and you have to call ahead of time to get make the reservation and get the code to the locks. All Anthony told me was that he was taking to me to see some waterfalls in Kentucky. We pulled up to the forest preserve parking area and he got out to enter in the lock code. I thought it was weird he had to enter a code and wondered where he got the code but just assumed he looked it up online or something. We walked through the forest and got to the top of a waterfall. It was a very shallow little creek that ran above the waterfall and had big flat rocks you could stand on (I’ll attach a picture). We walked across the rocks and explored a little bit. We stood on the top of a rock and he started saying all these cute little things. Much unlike Illinois in July, there were no mosquitoes or other bugs around us except 2 beautiful dragonflies that kept flying in circles around us. Dragonflies became our ‘thing’ after that because that’s when he got down on one knee on top of the waterfall in the middle of this forest and proposed.

The Inspiration:

When you have a wedding on a boat, I feel like it’s almost a requirement to have a nautical theme. I am one for switching things up, so I changed the color scheme slightly. Instead of the common Navy and Gold colors that are usually found in nautical themes, I choose Teal and Copper. Teal is my favorite color and copper is my favorite metal, so that worked out nicely. I saw a picture of my bouquet on Pinterest and just had to have one just like it. I used a professional florist to make my bouquet to ensure it looked identical to that picture and I sent some of my flowers from my bouquet to this company called Bloombeads who can turn flowers into jewelry. I can’t wait to see the finished product in a few months. Anthony’s grandmother and I are really crafty so we both made the rest of the décor for the wedding. Since our wedding colors were so bold, I wanted all white flowers for my bouquet, the bridesmaids and groomsmen boutineers. Anthony’s grandmother made the bridesmaid bouquets and the groomsmen boutineers with white silk flowers and I love that they’ll be able to keep them forever.

What do you wish you cared less about on the Big Day…:

I was trying to be a good hostess and make sure that everyone was having a good time. I wish I would’ve cared just a little less about that!

I also wanted to add what my biggest regret just in case it helps any other future brides. I wish we would’ve video recorded the ceremony!!! I didn’t want a videographer because I didn’t think it would be worth it and I hate the sound of my voice on camera but I wish I would’ve just done it or at least asked someone to record our ceremony. I would love to be able to watch that part over and over again and hear us say our vows.




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