Gina and Jake-2018

  These two made it look like there wasn’t a bead of sweat to be had in June by the looks of it.  The outdoors were packed with love as well as every detail that could possibly be thought of.  I had a blast capturing!

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The Kosters – a throwback

  This couple… This couple was a joy to capture.  It’s been a couple years but it needed a repost, because I attend a lot of weddings, but no two people I’ve photographed has been tested more in their marriage than theirs this past year.  Kevin, I love seeing your journey back to health on […]

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Right where it all started

  Kyle and Nicole have been together since high school and were set on doing their engagement shoot in Adams Park in Downtown Wheaton, where their romance began.  It’s also where Kyle proposed, so when you see the smiles, it’s all real.  So are those ballet moves.  Nicole is a dancer so we had to […]

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