Winter Wedding Sneak Peak…

Sammy and Brian Wedding-58Sammy and Brian Wedding-161bride in groom in winter formals


I don’t think two people were more happy to make it down the aisle than these two were just a couple weeks ago.  About a week before the wedding, I did my usual call to the Mother of the Bride to make sure I knew the scoop, where to be when and so forth.  I expected times and special shot requests but, ended up hearing that her daughter had had a grand mal seizure not long ago, out of no where, and was now wearing a back brace in order to heal bones she had broken from the fall.  Her fiancé had thankfully been there at the time, and had proven himself to be her knight in shining armor.  So they were going to take it all in stride and not worry about the small stuff.  I couldn’t believe her calm and grace.

As if that was not enough to deal with on a wedding day, during the groom’s wedding vows, Sister of the Bride and lovely Maid of Honor suddenly fainted and after some panic was taken out of the chapel on a stretcher.  What could have made some brides, grooms and families just give up, had these individual rising to the occasion.  Every false start was met with an honest concern and ability to know what was truly important.  And that although things may not have turned out as planned they were together through thick and thin.

As a photographer we edit and curate after the fact and are able to present the beautiful details and happenings of the day.  This wedding was quite unique in that what was most beautiful about the day was something that couldn’t be caught on any camera.  This entire family’s true love for each other.

Sammy and Brian XOXO


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