A day in Como Conservatory

Clue Nicole Sealey i.   “Hands down, mustard is the tastiest condiment,” coughed Professor Plum— his full mouth feigning hunger for the greens- only sandwiches Mrs. White laid out for Mr. Boddy’s guests. Miss Scarlet hadn’t time to peel off her peacoat before the no-frills food, which she declined, and a pre-cocktail cocktail, which sheContinue reading “A day in Como Conservatory”

Players for Pits Christmas Gala

  A very fun night I had to capture people coming together to help the pits that may not get a chance if it weren’t for them.  Players for Pits is a wonderful Chicagoland organization that takes their passion to the extreme. Check them out at playersforpits.com

I love a candid family session!…

  BOYS- Bullseyes and targets, marbles and darts. Little green bugs and bicycle parts. Frogs in their pockets, worms in their shirt. A boy is a boy for all he is worth. Cowboys and Indians, Gene Autry boots. Guns in their holsters that are sure to shoot. Big mud puddles, rocks in their shoes, AContinue reading “I love a candid family session!…”

Fall Family Session

  I like to think I’m a boss, but this mom had her whole family + dog in and out in under an hour.  It was awesome!  Two kids, four generations and some wonderful memories flew by in the blink of an eye!  Nice work.