Gina and Jake-2018

  These two made it look like there wasn’t a bead of sweat to be had in June by the looks of it.  The outdoors were packed with love as well as every detail that could possibly be thought of.  I had a blast capturing!

There’s something about a veil…

  There’s just something about a veil.  It’s timeless, romantic and can really add drama to your formal photos!  This pair had a blast letting the wind take over.

Winter Wedding Sneak Peak…

  I don’t think two people were more happy to make it down the aisle than these two were just a couple weeks ago.  About a week before the wedding, I did my usual call to the Mother of the Bride to make sure I knew the scoop, where to be when and so forth.Continue reading “Winter Wedding Sneak Peak…”

A love affair {in purples}

  Picture one of the most beautiful days that can happen in the midwest.  Picture it with family surrounding you and you as the bride having just read the most heart wrenching hand written letter, thankfully before your makeup goes on.  They’ve been through thick and thin and it was finally their turn. They saidContinue reading “A love affair {in purples}”