A Beautiful Mansion…

  On a mountain stands a mansion so fine and it looks down on this cabin of mine I had a love and I loved her true but along came a rich man and loved her to Now on a mountain in a mansion stands my love Well he promised he’d buy her diamond rings […]

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A Match Made in Notre Dame

  I did just LOVE getting the chance to be a part of Sabina and Richard’s wedding!  Sabina is from a Polish family and I got to see traditions I had never seen before from breaking bread before the ceremony to true Polish dancers/singers and a never ending buffet of meats, pickles and sweets.  They […]

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DIY Backyard Wedding

  Can you rock really rock a DIY wedding in your own backyard?  I’m here to tell you the answer is a resounding yes!  These two, with the help of family and friends, created an intimate ceremony and kept it simple yet hip.  Enjoy the party!

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