A Beautiful Mansion…


On a mountain stands a mansion so fine and it looks down on this cabin of mine
I had a love and I loved her true but along came a rich man and loved her to
Now on a mountain in a mansion stands my love
Well he promised he’d buy her diamond rings yes he promised fancy dresses and things
He promised everything indeed but it can’t buy the love that her poor heart needs
On a mountain in a mansion so fine

Now I know that she’s not happy there and I know that she’s got thing to bare
My only dream is that someday she’ll come right back here and stay
In the cabin in the valley with me
On a mountain in a mansion so fine…
On a mountain in a mansion stands my love n a mountain in a mansion stands my love


So these two are amazing!  Ben and Angie, your Haley Mansion wedding could not have been more perfect.  Thanks for letting me capture it!



A Match Made in Notre Dame


I did just LOVE getting the chance to be a part of Sabina and Richard’s wedding!  Sabina is from a Polish family and I got to see traditions I had never seen before from breaking bread before the ceremony to true Polish dancers/singers and a never ending buffet of meats, pickles and sweets.  They made homemade wine and had it at each table, of which I got to sample in the limo :-).

This bride didn’t flinch once while we captured formals in the dead of January’s cold and it was totally worth it!  We even hit one of Lake Michigan’s beaches after the ceremony.  It’s not every day a bride is as brave as the photographer.

Here’s some highlights and details:

Where did it all start?

We went to law school together at Notre Dame but didn’t meet until our third year. It was our first week back at school and I was throwing a last minute kegger for my roommate’s birthday. We were at my favorite dive bar and he was standing with a group of my guy friends. I was telling them all about the kegger the next night and asking if they could make it. When I got to Richard, I assumed I had previously met him but just didn’t remember so I asked him if he’d make it as well. He said he’d be there. After I left, Richard turned to one of my friends and asked who was that? And, in true guy fashion, he answered “I know, great **** rights?” Richard came to my kegger the next day and the rest is history!!! Five years later, Richard proposed at the very same South Bend dive bar!

How were you referred?

I looked through about 300 photographers on wedding wire and loved Erin’s style. I asked her for an example of a winter photoshoot. Once I received that, I was sold!

Where did your wedding inspiration come from ie. colors, flowers, style and theme?

Pinterest? We were doing a winter wedding, so I wanted jewel tones. I didn’t want it to be Christmas-y, so no red. Green is my favorite color so I went with dark green. I kept the flowers airy with lots of greenery to go with the woodland winter theme.
Would you recommend doing the first look?

YESSS!!! Gives you so much more time to take pictures instead of stressing about it after the ceremony. Also, if you’re getting married during daylight savings time, I think it’s a must in order to get enough sunlight. A first look does not detract from the emotions of actually walking down the aisle – it’s still very special!
Favorite thing about your wedding or best investment you made?

ERIN!!!! Seriously, so important to have a photographer who you trust and whose personality you mesh well with. Next I’d say having a fantastic DJ with good lighting to set the mood. Lighting does more for the mood than the flowers and decorations. Finally, make sure there is good food and liquor! Happy guests = great party.

What helped you plan?

My type A personality. Also Wedding Wire to find vendors and the Betches Brides facebook group.

What are you looking forward to most about being married?

To no longer be planning a wedding.

What’s your favorite detail you couldn’t live without?

My puppy’s custom made bridesmaids dress! Also the homemade liquor on the tables.

Here’s some featured vendors:

florals: Flowers by KH

dj: KBE Entertainment

bridal wear: Viero Bridal

groomswear: Kenneth Cole custom suit

venue ceremony/reception: Events at Independence Grove

hair: Inga Hair Studio 

jewelry: Blue Nile(engagement ring and groom’s wedding ring)

cake: Alliance Bakery

invitations:Creative Custom Prints

bus/limo/travel:  VIP Limousine Inc.

etsy: Bellas Fancy Wardrobe – Puppy bridesmaid dress . MayaMor – Wedding ring

Onion Sister Creative – Puppy Signature Drink Sign Caitlyn Minimalist – Custom puppy cuff links  the flower patch – custom unity candle