Brand Photography


Locals rejoice!

If you have a blog or business (fitness, interior designer, health, life coaching, cooking, farming, homemaking, yoga, dogs, flower shop owner…), we can help; whether it be person place or thing.  Let your website pop!

We’re now offering Personal Branding photo sessions that tell your brand’s story and help visually kickstart your blog and/or social media channels.

What does this look like?

It helps to have an idea or two in mind.

If you’re a cook, it might be capturing you in your kitchen, making some of your special dishes, fresh veggies being cut, herbs being tossed into a pan.  If you’re a dog blogger, it may be capturing you taking a walk with some of your favorite furry friends.  If you’re a fitness coach, maybe it’s time spent capturing you in the gym in a mock session client session.

The goal is to collect a small library from which you could tell pull from throughout several months.

Think of it as some visual poetry that is true to you and your mission.

Sessions start at $400.  *1.5 hour session* *you own your photos* *we come to you*


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