Portraits in the cold {they rocked it}

  It’s hard to fight the cold, especially when you would like to have your family pictures taken in them, sans jackets and prompt with smiling faces!  But this family totally rocked it.  Actual crystalline snow added a beautiful touch and nobody even complained.  Kind, tender and beautiful kiddos helped too.  Who said winter shouldContinue reading “Portraits in the cold {they rocked it}”

Penny is ONE!

  Being 1 is a huge deal!  Especially when you’re the third child and the siblings before you are both boys!  This is Penny and the last time we saw each other for family photos she was a bit under the weather.  The poor girl had a runny nose and some sad sneezes so itContinue reading “Penny is ONE!”

A Rustic Winter Wedding @ Abbey Farms in Aurora, Illinois

Don’t let winter stop you from having the best wedding possible!

A walk in the Upside Down

  An incredibly foggy evening this past week, lended itself for a ‘Stranger Things’ esque type of walk.  When light, shadows and outdoor elements come together to combine the perfect brew of suspense, then you gotta go for what the night calls for.