Kindergarten started


School.  It happened this past week!  Somewhere I blinked and then now that very first day is over.  She even loved every minute of taking the bus home.  I’m proud that she goes for whatever it is with confidence and gusto.  I may have been frightened but she is brave and good.  I am so happy I could watch this special morning that was beautiful and good!

A new addition maternity shoot at Heritage Prairie Farms!


First off…Heritage Prairie Farm is amazing.  Not only did they open up their location for this beautiful and intimate maternity shoot, but they were so sweet about it.  There’s nothing better than having a vision that come actually come to fruition and that’s what this venue (that’s cooking up hot weddings, along with locally fresh food and inspo) did for us with no questions asked.

Second…who doesn’t love this mom’s red flare hair?!

I’ve known Kate, Raelyn and Tommy for awhile now and I am so happy I got to shoot this special time before another daughter arrives in their lives.