I love a candid family session!…

  BOYS- Bullseyes and targets, marbles and darts. Little green bugs and bicycle parts. Frogs in their pockets, worms in their shirt. A boy is a boy for all he is worth. Cowboys and Indians, Gene Autry boots. Guns in their holsters that are sure to shoot. Big mud puddles, rocks in their shoes, AContinue reading “I love a candid family session!…”

Fall Family Session

  I like to think I’m a boss, but this mom had her whole family + dog in and out in under an hour.  It was awesome!  Two kids, four generations and some wonderful memories flew by in the blink of an eye!  Nice work.

Wheaton Warrenville South Senior Session

  The sunlight cooperated swell last weekend for Sarah, as we took advantage of a great evening at St. James Farm and captured her senior photos commemorating 2019 graduation from Wheaton Warrenville South High School.  Favorite part about the shoot?  Her dog that kept us company as we traipsed through the property!  Graduating in theContinue reading “Wheaton Warrenville South Senior Session”

Kindergarten started

  School.  It happened this past week!  Somewhere I blinked and then now that very first day is over.  She even loved every minute of taking the bus home.  I’m proud that she goes for whatever it is with confidence and gusto.  I may have been frightened but she is brave and good.  I amContinue reading “Kindergarten started”

Its a bird…it’s a plane…it’s an…insect!

  It’s a bit weird, but I like to collect caterpillars and watch them make their chrysalides.  Having that rare time with them when they are so vulnerable while they dry their wings before they can even fly is a terrific time to see what these guys are all about.  Plus, what five year oldContinue reading “Its a bird…it’s a plane…it’s an…insect!”