Kindergarten started


School.  It happened this past week!  Somewhere I blinked and then now that very first day is over.  She even loved every minute of taking the bus home.  I’m proud that she goes for whatever it is with confidence and gusto.  I may have been frightened but she is brave and good.  I am so happy I could watch this special morning that was beautiful and good!

Morton Arboretum was the perfect setting for this engagement session!


I met Catie as a bridesmaid while I was shooting a wedding several years ago.  I got to shoot another bridesmaid from that same wedding this spring and I was delighted when I was asked to shoot for this couple!  The best part was when we took off to the pines section of the Arboretum and Catie announced that she had just gotten a text from another of the bridesmaids from that same first wedding with the news that she just got engaged.  #engagementfever

There could not have been more laughing and smiling for these two and I can’t wait to see what the wedding has in store!