bespoke bridal suiteCINDER AND VIN

was thought up one morning while I struggled to will myself back to sleep.  Somewhere between solid REM and a willowy sunrise, several words popped into my mind.


is something that’s ‘solid’ and and ‘still sparking even though it is mostly burned’.  It’s a special something that has energy enough to ignite that which surrounds it and then take it from static to a flame when stoked.  Blow on that cinder and watch it be fierce.

{and VIN}

short for vinegar.  Spicy and full of moxie.  A word that can describe myself pretty much to a T.  But also a preservative, keeping and improving things that without it, might decay.  A sometimes very good analogy to an image as time’s images preserve a moment, a feeling or important event.


is a growing business made up of several amazing photographers, and post production staff that take, curate and hand back memories to be enjoyed and shared for years to come.